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How to properly maintain the quartz stone mesa do you know?


Editor's note: in the home design, the kitchen is now more and more attention, a good cabinet is a top priority in the kitchen. But how to maintain the surface of the cabinet is indeed a lot of people's problems, today, small make up for you to sum up some of the quartz stone table maintenance method, we learn about it!

Expert weapon: how to maintain the proper quartz stone?

1, do not put high temperature or hot pot directly or put on the table for a long time

Directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven take down of hot pot, hot pot or other high temperature utensils etc. will cause damage to the table.

2, the operation should be avoided with a sharp object to the table

Regardless of the choice of what kind of table, should be on the chopping block vegetables restaurant food, in addition to avoid leaving marks, damage the blade, can do better plot health.

3, the table as far as possible to keep dry

To keep the table clean, as far as possible not to soak or water for a long time, to keep the surface clean and dry.

4, to prevent the corrosive chemical contact surface

Daily try to avoid the relevant corrosive chemicals touch the table, if you accidentally contact with a large number of soap and water to wash the surface or consult the relevant professionals.