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Xiamen moway company was founded in 2015, set the development, production and sales...


Xiamen Morwell company established in 2015, set research and development, production, sales as one, 90 percent of products sales in the European market, and well received by the consumers love, the current reached annual production capacity of 10 million pieces.

Moway uphold the high starting point, high standard, high quality requirement. With modern management as our foothold and the development of the. Products using the United States advanced technology and foreign high-quality raw and auxiliary materials, the entire process in strict accordance with the ASTM (American solid surface material industry association) standards. At the same time, we have ISSFFA (the solid surface material manufacturing industry association) technical authority resident company a full range of technical guidance and monitoring; to ensure the Morwell company's products for international top products.

We are currently to scientific and technological innovation and system innovation as the driving force, and constantly improve the our core competitiveness, based on the purpose of "feedback and services to the Chinese people, we will be through accurate market positioning, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, good brand know fame and reputation services in the vast number of users.

The heart to heart to heart, sincere......

Moway company from first to last believe that success is not luck.

A minute of hard work, a harvest, the heart to listen to the intention to create. Not only is the moway creativity concept, service is the moway!